Team Breakthrough Resources

Hey Team Leader!

As you know, at Team Breakthrough we are committed to helping every team member groove and grow.

This means every member finds their groove. They are connected to a team and have a clear understanding of the team’s vision and purpose. They also clearly know their role and expectations of them as a team member.

It also means every member is growing. This means we have a culture where every person has a pathway to grow and is empowered and resourced to do so.

As a team leader we need you to help us create an environment to empower this. Therefore, for every team at Breakthrough we ask our leaders to create the following resources. There are resources and templates at the bottom of this page to help you create these. Please use the “how to” videos at the bottom of this page to help you create this content (as well as our style guide).

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The vision of your team must be very clearly communicated so that new (and current) team members know exactly why they are doing what they do and what goals they are aiming towards.
We ask you to communicate your vision in two ways:


Role Description

Every role must have a clear description. This should clearly outline what is expected of a team member in a particular role and what they can expect from their leaders and fellow team members.
We ask you to communicate this in:


Growth Pathway

Every role needs to have a clear growth pathway with clearly identified steps. Every person in Team Breakthrough should be growing and we want to encourage this by giving each member clear steps to help them grow in their skills, role and ultimately their walk with Jesus.
This path should have clearly identified steps with clear guidelines as to what is required in order to take each step.
We ask you to communicate this in:

  • A document clearly identifying the growth pathway for each role in your team (see example document)


A Continually Growing Resource Library

For every person to be growing, we want to always be providing resources to help them do this. So as a team leader we ask you to be constantly creating and providing new resources to help your team members grow. These resources will help to populate their myGROW pages. These resources should include (but not be limited to):

  • Videos explaining how to complete key tasks and practical skills for their role
  • Videos discussing heart skills and attitudes that are vital to their role
  • Practical resources such as books, manuals and instructions
  • External resources such as books, podcasts or videos that others have created that help us grow in heart and skill
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Examples & Resources to Help You!

Below we have provided an example of each of the above as well as some videos and resources to help in the creation of videos and documents.

Please use these resources to help you – and enjoy this process! It’s an exciting thing to help empower others to grow!

Thanks for all you do! It’s an honour to work alongside you on Team Breakthrough!




See the below video of Caleb sharing the vision for the Creative Team.


Check out the document outlining the vision for the Creative Team.


Check out the document outlining the role and growth pathway of a Musician.



Check out the below videos which outline how to create Breakthrough documents and how to create and upload video content.