You are Loved

Hey there!

You’re probably here because you’ve had something kind done for you. Maybe you received a care package, or a food hamper. Or maybe someone has mowed your lawn and just spent some time with you when you needed it.

Well whoever you are and whatever your story, we did that because we love you. You are special, you are valued and you are loved.

At Breakthrough we’re a group of people who were all super broken, but we’ve been brought together because we’ve experienced the most amazing and unconditional love that there has even been – and that’s from Jesus. And now He helps us in every area of our lives.

We love to share that love with those around us – with our friends, our community and our world.

You can use the links above to discover a bit more about all this. Find out more about Jesus and His amazing love, or  you can find out more about who we are at Breakthrough, or if you’re in a tough spot and you need some practical real help, we’d love to help you find what you need.

And also don’t forget to contact us. You are so valuable to us and to Jesus, and we’d love to help you wherever you’re at.