We hope you enjoyed our Bayswater Christmas Party

First of all, for all the kids that are here looking for their BONUS WORD for their Treasure Map. The word is BIBLE.

For everyone who is taking the opportunity this Christmas to “look” further into what Christmas is truly about we encourage you to listen to video above by Santa and his friend  😉 Pastor Peter as he shares some handy advice on how and where to look.

As you’re exploring your questions about faith and Jesus here are some great next steps for you when you’re ready:

  • Chat to Pastor Peter or contact us
    Wherever you are on this journey we would love to help you in any way you can. If you want to chat to Pastor Peter, give him a call on 0416 011 239, or you’re always welcome to contact us at Breakthrough.
  • Come along to church
    We don’t do Sunday church because it’s a religious tradition – it’s a fun, exciting and life-giving time where you can connect with people, learn more about Jesus and find the real help we need. You’re always welcome to join the family on Sunday!
  • I’m really just curious
    Maybe you’re just curious about this whole Jesus thing. If you don’t know what you think yet, or have some questions you want to look into, that’s great and we’d love to help you out on your journey of exploring!
    You can check out Just Curious to find some great ways explore questions about Jesus, Christianity and life in general.
  • What other steps are available
    Wherever you are on your journey (maybe this is all brand new, or maybe you’ve followed Jesus for 80 years!) we would love to help you find your next step and continue growing into all the you were made for!