Grow Team Messages

Knowing God in Change

Because of the wonderful way God worked in our Grow Team meeting last Saturday and we never got to breaking into our discussion Teams, we will be discussing last week’s messages this Saturday.

You may also want to watch this video by Terri Savelle-Foy on changing your life by changing your habits.

Monday – Loyal Love

Tuesday – My Best Interests

Wednesday – Never Leaves Me

Thursday – Pleasing God

Friday – God has a Plan

Saturday – Pens Down

Embracing Change

Monday – Embracing Change

Tuesday – Initiate

Wednesday – Today I have something different for you. Instead of a message to listen to – I have something for you to read. I know this is a change from what we normally do, but I hope you will “embrace it”

First, an extract from an article by Allen Domelle:


Whenever there is growth, there is change. Growth is filled with change. For instance, a baby isn’t going to act like an adolescent. An adolescent isn’t going to act like a child or teenager. Likewise, an adult isn’t going to act the same way a child acts. In each of these stages of life, change happens as they grow into the next stage.
If a person doesn’t accept the change of physical growth, they are going to look and act strangely. For instance, imagine a young man who doesn’t accept growth. If he didn’t accept growth, he would stay in the same pants that he wore when he was younger and smaller. The inability to change would cause that young person not to be able to get along with others his age and it would hinder him from reaching his potential had he accepted the changes. Change is always a part of growth.
1 Corinthians 13:11 says, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” This verse makes it clear that with growth there is change. This verse also makes it clear that as you grow, you must be willing to accept the changes of growth if you want God to do greater things through your life. God has great things in store for every church, and for you as an individual, but those great works will never happen as long as you stay in an adolescent stage and refuse the changes that are caused because of growth. There must come a time in every church and individual’s life when they put away “childish things.” In other words, you must be willing to accept the next stage of life if you want to grow.


Now, I would like you to think and pray about these  things today:

(1) How have you changed over the last few years? What has God added to your life that required you to change?

(2) How can you better embrace changes going forward that will enable you to grow?

(3) Talk to God about these things.

Bless you,

Ps Peter

Thursday – Flourishing

Friday – Growing

Saturday – Excelling

What We Do

Monday – Rescue

Tuesday – Wholeness

Wednesday – Train and Equip

Thursday – Impact

Friday – The World

Saturday – Until Jesus Comes

God the Healer Pt 3: Healing Others

Monday – Be Bold

Tuesday – Ask Them

Wednesday – Do Something

For Thursday, Friday and Saturday we encourage you to go on the EMIC website and listen to Billy Burkes healing messages. It’s time for a healing revival!

God the Healer Pt 2: Being Healed

Monday – By Faith

Tuesday – Initiate Healing

Wednesday – Benefits

Thursday – First Response Team

Friday – Go-To Scripture

Saturday – Don’t Let Go

God the Healer

Monday – Yahweh Rapha

Tuesday – God loves to heal

Wednesday – Kind and severe

Thursday – Does not afflict willingly

Friday – Faith in His healing nature

Saturday – God really loves to heal


Monday – I will say

Tuesday – I will listen

Wednesday – I will charge

Thursday – I will not tempt

Friday – I will flee

Saturday – I will take

Our Assignment

Monday – What is our assignment?

Tuesday – What is a disciple?

Wednesday – Beginnings?

Thursday – How? (Part 1)

Friday – How? (Part 2)

Saturday – Questions

Use Your Words

You may enjoy the song “Words” by Hawk Nelson. There are two versions available to watch below – a lyrics video and a live video.

Monday – Use your words

Tuesday – Gifts

Wednesday – A soft answer

Thursday – Right word at the right time

Friday – Speak the truth in love

Saturday – Zip it

And here is a short bonus video on the Story Behind the Words song:

Taming the Tongue

Monday – Love it

Tuesday – It steers

Wednesday – It sets on fire

Thursday – It creates

Friday – It is connected to the heart

Saturday – It is powerful

God Is…

Monday – That we may truly know God

Tuesday – So we can have confidence

Wednesday – God is…

Thursday – God is light

Friday – God is love

Saturday – God is life

Faithful Worker

APOLOGIES for poor sound quality on some of these recordings due to faulty equipment.

Monday – God Seeks Workers

Tuesday – Let Down Your Nets

Wednesday – Powerful Together

Thursday – Tested

Friday – Faithful in Little

Saturday – A Wise Son

What Breaks God’s Heart

Monday – Jesus is Passionate

Tuesday – Hating the Works of Satan

Wednesday – Reaching the Shepherdless

Thursday – Seven Things God Hates

Friday – Joy is Your Strength

Extra Message – Protecting Your Upsetter (21 min)

Saturday – Bringing Life

Six Illustrations of the Church

Monday – Body

Tuesday – Fire

Wednesday – Family

Thursday – Flock

Friday – Army

Saturday – House

Psalm 103

Monday – Remember

Tuesday – Forgiven

Wednesday – Healed

Thursday – Crowned

Friday – Good Things

Saturday – Renewed

Bible Meditation

Monday- Agreeing

Tuesday – Seed

Wednesday –  Mutter

Thursday – I am Righteous

Friday – Day and Night

Saturday  – Singing (Kris Vallotton)