National Day of Thanks

At Breakthrough, we are so grateful to everyone who serves in our community and each year we like to take the time show our appreciation by hosting a National Day of Thanks Service.

We invite members of Parliament, Councillors, Firefighters, Police Officers, Servicemen and Women, Chaplains, Health Professionals and anyone else in a role of service, so we can honour and thank them for their role in our community.

We recognise that those serving are not always appreciated as they should be, instead receiving abuse from the very members of the public that they are seeking to protect and help. We want them to know that there are people who appreciate what they do and are supporting their work.

The service will commence at 10:00am and include:

  • Music led by our church band
  • A presentation by the children of Breakthrough
  • A short message by Pastor Peter Lewis
  • Presentation of certificates of appreciation and prayer for those who serve
  • Conclusion at approx. 11:15am followed by a luncheon

Click here for the official National Day of Thanks Invitation. Please distribute this invitation amongst those who serve in our community so we can honour them on this day.



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