Grow Teams

We would love you to join us for Grow Teams!

Grow teams are all about one thing: growing together as we follow Jesus. They are a great opportunity to connect with other people like yourself as we “do life” together.

They are small groups (usually 8-12 people) that get together each week to help each other out on the journey of life. A weekly get together will typically start with all the groups joining in the auditorium for a time of worshiping God with  great music. After this, each group will head into its own lounge area where they will spend time in group discussion, chatting in smaller groups and learning from the greatest text book on life – the bible. There will be time for prayer, and some time for hanging out and just enjoying being together!

We have grow teams that cater to all ages and demographics, and would love for you to be able to connect with a group!


The Church

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